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Nemen L.E.D Jacket Provides Optimum Warmth And Light Your Way In The Dark

Nemen L.E.D Jacket

While there seems to be lots of jacket that can help keep body warm during cold weather with great comfort, we have never seen the type that light up and become visible in the dark.

Nemen, an Italian firm well known for its outerwear and sportwear garment has unveiled a new jacket that is sure to make you looks cool even in the dark. The Nemen's L.E.D Jacket as named comes with 12 built-in LED's light that are powered by two re-chargeable Lithium battery, the battery is said to last for 8 hours on a single charge.

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The jacket interior is made of fabric woven with optical fibre with aluminium coating that reflect body heat thereby providing optimum warmth during outrageous weather as well as making the LED's light visible across the surface.

Its exterior is made of nylon and steel secure by Polyurethane transparent film which makes the light from the interior more noticeable by creating a shimmering effect across the jacket surface. Though the jacket started as an experimental project, it is available for purchase at $3,000 USD (£1,885). You can order one from Nemen site


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