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[Multitask] How To Run Multiple Apps At Once On Android Phones Without Root

Multitasking On Android

Android is capable of doing many things that other mobile operating system can't dare to try because of its Linux properties. There are lots of apps that help users get more out of their Android device but the ones that offers real customizations and advance tweaking most time requires root (SuperUser Access).

We found an app very useful which we will like to share today, the app doesn't requires root and comes with various multitasking functionality which includes opening and running apps on multiple windows right on your Android phone desktop.

Multitasking Pro is an Android application that comes with built-in basic apps that can be run anywhere, minimize and maximize without tempering other apps running in background. In one word, it lets you watch videos, play games, write note in an open windows which you can move anywhere on your screen and and keep doing other task without closing.

Multitasking Pro comes with 24 different tools and 4 games that users can run while doing other things on their phones, tools onboard are Converter, Camera, Music Player, Calculator, Calender, Gallery, Map, File Manager, Compass, Browser, News, Note, Paint, Recorder, Stop watch, Textpad, Text To Speech, Translator, Youtube, Weather, Torch, Messaging and Gmail. Four games are also included Flappy, Reversi, Bomb and Puzzle.

Multitasking Pro doesn't requires root and works on phone running Android 2.3+. Each opened windows size and height can be configured, users can also enable SMS notification with floating bar anywhere on the screen. Multitasking doesn't consumes RAM and it's only 3MB in size, the pro version will cost you roughly $3 but it also comes in free version.

Download Multitasking latest version (free) on Google play

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