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Contactless Payment Glove: Pay For Goods With Just A Wave Of Your Hand

Barclaycard Contactless Payment Glove

In few days time we'll all be singing christmas carol but shopping is what comes first, every shops being bombard by people eagering to buy their needs and the queue line getting longer and buying getting harder due to slow processing of payment. We may experience that this year but next year will be different.

Barclaycard has unveiled a quicker means of payment that lets people pay instantly by just waving their hand through a contactless payment machine. This is not a magic as you might think, infact its not just your hand you'll be waving, the contactless payment machine will only receive payment from hands wearing a special contactless payment gloves, all you need to do is wear the glove when going out for shopping, buy all your needs and tap your hand on the contactless payment processor, quick and easy.

The gloves are touchscreen enabled which means you need not to take them off when using your phone, people do fancy wearing gloves especially during cold weather but what about summer? We can't answer that.

The Barclaycard contactless payment glove is worth watching out for, prototype has already being created and next year is the firm target.

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