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Pentax KS-1 D-SLR Camera Review: Hands On

Pentax KS-1 Front
Pentax KS-1 Rear

Pentax has made some rather good digital SLRs even if they don't quite match the sophistication and consumer-friendly feel of Canon and Nikon offerings. And on paper, the Pentax K-S1 looks like a perfectly decent alternative, with good basic specifications and some interesting technologies. Which makes it hard to understand why Pentax feels it needs to release it in an array of different colours – including a new 'sweets' collection.

At its heart is a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor with a sensor-based shake reduction system – in principle, this will provide an image stabilising effect with any lens, and it does actually work very well. This system is also used for the Pentax's unique 'anti-alias simulation' modes. The sensor itself has no anti- aliasing filter, which means slightly sharper fine detail but the risk (rare in practice) of moirĂ©, or interference effects with very fine patterns and textures.

This is why most D-SLRs still use anti- aliasing, or 'low-pass' filters in front of the sensor. But the Pentax can simulate this effect with microscopic vibrations of the sensor during the exposure. You might never need it, but it's an interesting solution nonetheless. The K-S1's other specs are good too. It can shoot continuously at 5.4 frames per more

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