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MICA - Intel New Smart Bracelet That Doesn't Erase Fashion Line

Intel MICA Bracelet
Intel MICA Bracelet on Wrist

Some things we may have overlook in the past and thought to serve for a single purpose might turns out to be useful in near future, starting from household appliances to fashion accessories. We've seen smart cup, smart shoes, smart bag, smart suitcase, lots of smartwatches and now smart bracelet has come to join the queue. Intel in partnership with fashion brand Opening Ceremony has launched a new wearable device called MICA, the acronym of which stand for "My Intelligent Communication Accessory".

Unlike other wearable devices which comes in form of a watch, MICA is a bracelet that is specifically meant for fashion-forward women, ofcourse only women uses bracelet. You might ask what's so special about this bracelet? If we are to choose a word to fully describe it we would have use a mini gadget, we use mini because it goes along with fashion trend too.

The bracelet is made of lapis stone coated with 18K of gold, it can be use to send text messages and receive notification via its curved sapphire touchscreen display. MICA can also be link up with social networking site including Google Calender and Facebook, and receive recommendations of nearby stores and restaurant via Yelp.

The bracelet is a stand-alone device that doesn't rely on other mobile device such as smartphones and its battery can last up to two days in a single charge. It will be exclusively available in US from early December at $495 (Roughly NGN 82,000 Nigerian Nairas).

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