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Incredible Smart Sport Bra By Victoria Secret Will Read Your Heart Rate

Incredible Bra by Victoria Secret
Incredible Smart Bra Wear

Technology is advancing in every areas of what we use everyday, from household appliances to kitchen utensils and portable mobile devices such as phones, watches and wrist bands, but something new is here that we have never seen before.

Victoria Secret, a company well known for their outfits and fashion brands has unveils a new smart sport bra that will helps keep body fit physically and also measure heart rate of the wearer. The Incredible bra as named comes with a built-in heart rate monitor placed at the chest area that reads and monitor the rate of heart-beat during a sport activity.

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The Incredible sport bra is made from Body-Wick fabric, which retains moisture and keep body cool and dry during exercise. The fabric and sensor packed inside is made by a Finnish fabric maker Clothing+. This kind-of tip us off on what might be in vogue later in the future. In years time, jeans and trousers may pack sensors and shirts can even comes with a built-in motion detector, just foreseeing.

The Incredible heart-rate monitor compatible bra by Victoria Secret comes with a price tag of $75 USD (Roughly NGN 13,000 Nairas) and can be purchase from the firm online store.

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