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Impossible Is An Electric Bike That Can Be Folded And Carried Around In A Backpack

Impossible Electric Bike
Impossible Electric Bike Folded

It must have been a crazy unrealistic dream for a man to think of folding up his bike inside his backpack but not anymore, what we have once consider as impossibility is easily bypass and tread upon like something that has already be in existence, we thought it was a dream but reality seems to have wake to its duty. A Beijing-based group known as Impossible Technology has designed a futuristic electric bike that can be folded up and carried away in a backpack.

The bike is made of carbon fibres which upholds each circular frame while its central is made of steel, making it lightweight and strong. The central steel bar can withhold up to 85kg weights without bending or breaking, and the bike is quite capable of travelling up to 12.5mph in 45 minutes, thanks to its ten 2.900mAh built-in rechargeable batteries.

The Impossible Electric bike may not be uncomfortable to ride as you might think, it's pedal-free and the handlebars length can be adjusted to the owners taste. This is a project that has fetched almost $200,000 from online funders, you can as well join the queue. The bike will be available in White and Black colours with a suggestion price of $530.

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