FES E-ink - A Watch In Disguise, Changes Appearance At Wearers Will

FES E-ink Watch

Changing strap of a watch to give it a different look can be something of the past, a Japanese firm known as Fashion Entertainment has unveiled a next-generation wristwatch dubbed FES E-ink.

FES is not a smartwatch but it do possess some functionality we haven't seen in any watch till date, infact it looks much like an ordinary round face watch you see everyday. You might ask what is so special about this watch? FES comes with an e-ink display and also an e-ink strap, it sports a button at the side that when pressed will change the appearance of the watch from strap to the main display.

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It comes with a motion detector that react when wearer move his/her arm at will. For instance, the watch will auto turn on when wearer moves his/her arm to look at it and turn off after having a look thereby saving battery consumption. According to the firm, the watch battery can last up to two months on a single charge.

FES E-ink watch is a crowd funding project listed on Makuake and its expected to first go on sale in Japan next year.
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