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Corning Unveils Tougher And Stronger Gorilla Glass 4 Protective Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass 4

If you are a heavy phone user and knows in and out about mobile specs you will already be familiar with Gorilla Glass. It is one of the features people look forward to when buying new smartphones, tablets or any other gadgets becauses of its protective measure and scratch resistant capability. There are three series already in existence in most gadgets used till date, Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass 2 and Gorilla Glass 3, infact what you are using to read this now may as well posses one of it. Now, Gorilla Glass 4 has come to join the queue.

Corning, who are the maker of Gorilla Glass has unveiled an improved more tougher protective glass dubbed as Gorilla Glass 4. According to the firm, the new series can withstand a drop of up 3.3 feet (Roughly one meter) without breaking 80 percent of the time.

Corning Gorilla Glass is what most phone, laptop, PC and TV manufacturers used in protecting the display of their device due to its scratch-proof and tough properties though there are also other protective glass makers like Dragontrail.

Sapphire glass is more tougher and stronger than Gorilla Glass but are very expensive for manufacturers to use.

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