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Asus PB287Q 4K Monitor Review

Asus PB287Q Monitor Front
Asus PB287Q Back

The Asus PB287Q sports a 3840x2160 UHD resolution that packs 157 pixels into every one of the monitor’s 28-inches. The 10-bit color screen delivers crisp images that really bring out the depth in photos. With standard 1080p monitors, colors fade toward the corners of your images, specifically darker colors that aren’t directly in focus.

When looking at old wedding photos on the PB287Q, you’ll clearly be able to see grandma dancing in the background. Gamers will love the monitor’s 1ms GTG response time and 60Hz refresh rate. You’ll never have to worry about your FIFA 15 image sputtering as Ronaldo leans into his hesitation during a penalty kick. For people who enjoy seeing Ronaldo as clearly as possible, the monitor’s 16:9 aspect ratio delivers more than 8 million pixels and more than one billion colors.

Eight million pixels and one billion colors is pretty standard for 4K, but double what you’ll get with typical full HD displays. Contrast ratio is a huge plus for this unit. The higher the contrast ratio, the more life-like your images will look. You’ll want to reach out and touch the images on your Asus more

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