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Alienware 51 Review: Gaming Beast

Alienware Area 51

Alienware has always made interesting designs, but the 51 might be the first to properly live up to the brand name. What you're looking at is a total recreation of the Area 51 desktop PC, one that actually looks like something a martian might walk out of at any moment. As Steam Machines and other small form factor PCs (including Alienware's own Alpha) slowly chip away at the desktop enthusiast market, it's becoming increasingly difficult to make something that truly stands out.

We can confidently say that Alienware has achieved that here. The shape is unusual, but not for the sake of it - the triad design makes the 51 more practical in some respects, which I'll come onto in a moment.

Most importantly, the Area 51 is built on Intel's new Haswell-E CPU, in what will likely be the last time we see it on an Alienware desktop until Intel's Broadwell rolls around next year. But for now you can rest assured that, as its size would suggest, the Area 51 is a behemoth in power. Alienware's last Area 51 PC showed up in 2010, and looked significantly different to what we're seeing more

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