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Toshiba Satellite L70-B-11C Review

Toshiba Satellite L70-B-11C

The traditional desktop replacement laptop has lost prominence over the last few years thanks to the growth in gaming notebooks and mobile workstations, but there's still plenty to like about larger laptops such as the Toshiba Satellite L70-B-11C.

For starters, it costs £599, or $935 in the States (about AU$1,011) – half the price, or less, of dedicated gaming or workstation notebooks with 17.3-inch screens. It also means you're getting more for your money when compared to rival machines: theToshiba Satellite S50D-A-10G is cheaper but it's got a 15.6-inch screen and AMD internals, while the Lenovo Flex 2 15 is smaller, although it benefits from a 300-degree hinged mechanism.

The price puts this machine firmly in mid-range territory – and its design does, too. The Satellite's exterior is made from plastic, and much of the material feels hollow and cheap rather than solid and reassuring. Its looks aren't much cop, either: the champagne-tinted metallic plastic is coated with a subtle lined pattern. It's a better look than the plain metallic colour of the Satellite S50D, but it still can't match the dark, brushed finish used on the more from here.

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