Microsoft Android Wear Keyboard Lets You Type On The Wrist

Microsoft Android Wear Keyboard

Last month, Microsoft unveiled a universal keyboard for mobile devices that supports Android, iOS and Windows operating system platforms. The firm has again launch a wearable keyboard for Android Wear devices.

The keyboard which can be wear around the wrist allow users to type and reply messages without having to use Android Wear built-in voice dictation. However, the keyboard may not be ideal in all situations as letters has to be drawn with a finger on a special screen provided on its surface and not type, though the firm claims it to be analog and not digital.

While it may not be ideal in all situations, the device can prove useful in certain circumstances like, when in a meeting or on a train.

The Microsoft Android Wear keyboard is compatible with square-faced Android Wear devices with 320x320 resolution including Moto 360.
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