Dell Alienware 13 Review:

Dell Alienware 13

The Alienware 13, when it ships in December, will bring a lot of firsts for Alienware. First and foremost, it's the first 13-inch gaming laptop from Dell - an interesting statistic as Alienware, the gaming arm of Dell, isn't exactly new to the scene. The Alienware 13 is also the thinnest laptop they've ever made at just over one-inch thick. That's still a fair amount larger than the Razer Blade, which measures in at an incredible .66 inches, but the fact that Alienware is closing that gap is amiable.

Alienware 13 side view
If it's only one-inch thick and 4.5 pounds, how can it withstand the everyday dings and bumps that occur in our bags? Don't worry, the Alienware 13 will also be one of the first to be made with carbon fiber chips infused into the case. OK, but if it's one-inch thick and 4.5 pounds it must have some pretty lackluster components, right? Yes, but not exactly.

The Alienware 13 will, more or less, be as powerful as you want it to be ... if you're willing to shell out for it. An Alienware representative told me to expect pricing to start at $999 (about £600, AU$1,100, NGN 165,000 Nigerian Nairas) for the basic model equipped with a fourth-generation Haswell i5 U processor...continue reading from here
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