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Sony WX350 Compact Camera Review


Sony WX350 Camera

With its 20x zoom lens, slim 26mm body and £199 price, the WX350 slots in neatly between the dinky WX220 and chunky HX60 in Sony's compact camera range. We suspect that most people will find it the most appealing of the three – not as fiddly as the WX220 but easier to slip into a pocket than the HX60. The camera is big enough to accommodate a 3in screen, mode dial and rear wheel. The latter is quicker than buttons for adjusting settings, but this isn't a camera for people who want manual control.

There's no priority or manual exposure mode, manual focus or freely movable autofocus point. There's no quick-access menu, so functions such as focus area, white balance and ISO speed are tucked away on pages three and four of the sprawling 16-page menu.

Fortunately, Sony's Superior Auto mode gives little reason to adjust settings manually. It automatically engages HDR mode in high-contrast scenes, taking three frames at different exposure levels and combining them to capture more highlight and shadow detail...continue reading from here

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