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PC Specialist UltraNote II Review

PC Specialist UltraNote II

The UltraNote II is a 15-inch mid-range laptop from PC Specialist, a British system builder that has been producing mobile and desktop PCs for what seems like forever. An analogy that could sum up the UltraNote II is that it's the unremarkable middle kid of laptop designs. Neither the cheapest, nor the most dear; not exactly powerful, but not particularly underpowered either.

Almost every aspect of it fits squarely between expensive, high-end systems and cheap mobile computers. The analogy can be extended to its design too. At 2.2kg it's not especially light, but not ridiculously heavy, and its 25mm chassis is neither chunky nor portable. The black and dark grey plastic chassis doesn't look bad at all. It has an executive-style gunmetal grey lid, although it's fairly bland, with no real distinguishing features – not even a company logo or branding.

This middle ground is exactly what PC Specialist is targeting, atleast with the configuration I received. The UltraNote II is for people who are willing to pay for a laptop that's not merely sufficient, but gets the job done well, at least when it comes to basic computing tasks...continue reading from here

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