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People consider privacy as one of the element of security, and i quite agree with that. There is no security without privacy, the best way to secure anything is to make sure nobody knows about it. So likewise for all things we secure on gadgets we use everyday, there're thousands of hacking tools out there that can easily bend and create their own path to the secure destination we think that is safe.

Android phone are one of the top gadget being used around the world, almost all households possess one. According to my findings, one of the most used app is the camera. Taking a picture auto triggers gallery applications, which also create a thumb image as well as the original picture taken and save it in a folder on phone internal/external storage.

There are many passwording apps for protecting Android gallery from being access by outsiders, but i'll be sharing how you can hide any images or pictures from displaying on phone built-in gallery and other gallery applications without root and password.

Requirement -> File Managing app

  1. If you don't have any Android file manager on your phone, first click here to download ES File Explorer.
  2. Open it from your app drawer and browse to the folder where your pictures are saved.
  3. Open the folder and choose the specific picture you want to hide.
  4. Click on edit and rename the picture by removing its format e.g if the picture name is myparty.jpg, remove the ".jpg" so it remains "myparty" and save it.

You can likewise edit all images you want to hide from displaying on your phone gallery that way. That's all, it is as easy as that. Mind you, if you later decide to make it visible, simply navigate to the picture using your file explorer and add back the image format.
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