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Fuji X100T Compact Camera Review

Fuji X100T

Compact cameras with large sensors are all the rage right now and the Fuji X100S and X100 before it proved popular because of their retro-style controls, impressive hybrid viewfinder and high image quality. The large AA-filterless sensor ensures that images have lots of detail and both cameras have found favour with street and wedding photographers who want a light, high quality camera to use for informal off-the-cuff shots.

The latest incarnation in the series is the Fuji X100T which is very similar to the X100S, having the same APS-C format 16Mp X-Trans CMOS II sensor and Fujinon 23mm (equivalent to 35mm) f/2 lens. One of the unique features of the Fuji X100 series is its hybrid viewfinder that can be switched between an optical and an electronic device.

The X100T updates this with the ability to see an electronic display in one corner of the optical viewfinder. This is designed to make manual focusing much easier...continue reading from here

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