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All You Need To Know About Apple Watch - Features, Analysis, Price And Availability

Apple Watch Hands-On

After launching the Iphone 6, Apple has finally unveiled its first smartwatch dubbed Apple Watch. We do not know why the firm decided not to use the name people are already adapting to, we mean iWatch. To us, change of name means change of personalities, all rumours seems not to fit in either but that ofcourse doesn't make it less valuable.

The Apple Watch will come in three editions all of which have same specs but different design - Sport, Standard, and Luxury. As you can see in the above picture, the Apple Watch menu icons are shaped in form of round bubbles and can be flip with a fling of finger and zoom with a pinch. There is a round tuning button like the one found on traditional watch at the right side which the company's calls the Crown, it can be use to navigate, zoom and select without having to touch the screen. This ofcourse makes it easier for those that have big thumb and may have difficulty in touching small icons on the screen. Users can also control and navigate using voice command, pushing the crown button activate Siri.

The new Apple smartwatch also features health and fitness tracker, which can track steps and measure the rate of heartbeat. According to the firm, the Watch can learns users behavior and suggest fitness goals, it can also be pair with third-party fitness apps like Nike. But as you would have thought, only Iphone can use the Apple Watch and without it the Watch is useless. Apple always do their "things" their own way, yea right, not a friendly welcome for Android users though. Not all Iphone users can take part, sorry for Iphone 4 users, you'll need to upgrade your phone to Iphone 5 upward before Apple Watch can works for you.

The Apple Watch will start shipping from early month of next year at a starting price of $349, this is $29 costlier than Asus Zenwatch. Better start saving now.

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