7 Root Apps You First Need To Consider After Buying Your Android Phone

7 Apps For Rooting Android Phones

Almost all Android users tends to think of rooting their phone after buying it, why? Because it pushes the limits off and enables us to bring the best out of our device. Rooting an Android phone automatically pave way for changing ROM's, Kernels, Bootloader, as well as overclocking/underclocking CPU speed to increase battery life and phone performance. It also gives way for full customization's and personalizations.

There are lots of one-click root apps out there, but we will be listing the ones that works on almost all Android phones regardless of Android version they runs.

Framaroot : Framaroot is a one-click rooting app developed by Alephzain, it is capable of rooting almost all Android phones and doesn't requires PC. The rooting app comes with different exploit and it is one of the most effective method in rooting Android phones till date. Download Framaroot

Towelroot: Another powerful one-click rooting app that is capable of rooting many Android devices (Android 2.3+) including Samsung Galaxy S5. It comes in Android Apk version and PC version (requires PC). Download Towelroot.

Root Master: A one-click rooting app made that can root almost Chinese Android phones, very effective and doesn't requires PC. (No Longer Available)

Kingroot Tool: Kingroot is a Chinese based rooting apps that works on all Android versions including Android 4.4 KitKat, very easy to use and requires nothing besides turning data on. It automatically download and install superuser which gives root access. Tested and confirm working on most MediaTek smartphones (Tecno, Infinix, Lava, Micromax, and others) Kingroot latest version can be download from here

Easyroot: Is a one-click rooting specifically made for Sony Xperia phones, it works on almost all Xperia series including Xperia Z, ZL, Z1, Z Compact, Z2, Z Tablet, and others. it has been proved to work on other android phones as well. Download Easyroot

Vroot: Vroot is a one-click rooting app that support over 8000 phones, ranging from Android 2.2 upward, its a one-click root app that requires PC. Download Vroot

Kingoroot: Kingoroot has proved to be one of the best tools in rooting Android phones, it requires PC. Download Kingoroot.

This post has been updated and all links are confirmed working. Updated on 06/03/2015
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