How To Download Youtube Videos In Any Format Without Using App Softwares

Download YouTube Video on Mobile Phones

YouTube is one of the world's top video archive site with over 1 billion users each month and 6 billions of videos watched every month. YouTube doesn't seems to have any competition at this rate, we believe they are at the top. But what about making use of those videos, downloading and watching it offline in our own pleasurable time. Ofcourse there are many software's either for mobile or PC that allows people to download or stream YouTube videos, but they may not support all mobile platform. While we are in Android/IPhone age, we still have people using low-end Java and Symbian phones, rare though.

The method is quite easy and does not requires any software. Follow the procedures below:

  1. Go to YouTube website using any mobile browsers i.e Opera Mini, UC Mini e.t.c and search for the video you want to download.

  2. Click on the video you want to download in the search results to open.

  3. Go to your browser address bar and check the current page URL link, if you are using UC Browser it will look like this

  4. Remove the "m." and replace it with "ss", after doing so the link should look like this

  5. Go to the new URL and you will be redirect to a site that will allows you to download the video right to your mobile phone.

Choose any format from the page left side and click the download button.

Alternative: You can simply go to this website "" and copy the YouTube video link inside the download box, choose the format you will like the video to be download and click the download button.
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