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Dell OptiPlex 9030 Review

Dell OptiPlex 9030

Desk real estate is a scarce commodity in the office, so why buy a big tower when you can get the same power from an all-in-one? The logic makes sense, but doesn't quite check out with the Dell OptiPlex 9030 all-in-one PC. Equipped with an optional touchscreen, this all-in-one PC fits your space requirements, but unfortunately lacks the power to meet most businesses' needs.

The OptiPlex 9030 leads a double life. It borrows heavily from Dell's '90s-style black box design, but its sleek, rounded corners and all-glass panel feature a modern update. While it might not be able to compete with its more powerful rivals, Dell's latest is a moderately expensive workstation for $1,249 that will at least look great in any office.

That said, I think the Dell 9030 is gorgeous. The 23-inch, all-glass screen is surrounded by a matte, black bezel and supported by an adjustable silver stand that harkens back to an early-aughts design. On an adjustable stand, the device sits at a sizable 20.75 inches tall at its maximum height, 16.75 inches at its shortest, and a mere 22 inches wide....continue reading from here

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