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Lechal - Smart Shoe That Guides Your Feet And Measure Your Calories

Lechal smart shoes

Every gadgets being produce in this tech age seems to be aiming one thing, which is "Smart". We have Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart TV's, Smart cameras and even Smart cups. But that's not all, Smart shoes will also be joining the group sooner than you think.

The Lechal shoes as called is developed by an India company Ducere Technologies. According to the company, the shoes can connect to Google Map via a smartphone and guide your feet with vibrating alerts. The right or left shoe will vibrates if you need to turn right or left, which is a very useful piece of art for those with Visual disabilities. The beauty of it keeps us wondering how such things could be packed inside without affecting its gorgeous "eye-catching" looks.

The Lechal shoes can measure distance travelled and calorie consumption which you can view on your smartphone through an accompanied app. Though it was developed in India, the shoes will be manufactured in China.

According to Wall Street Journal, 25,000 pairs has already been pre-order. The shoes will be available in two colours Black and Red, and will be priced between $100 and $150. It is expected to be available before the end of this year.

Source: T3

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