How To Take Screenshot On All Android Phones

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Taking the exact image of what display on a device screen in a picture format is what is called screenshot.

This is sometimes useful when diagnosing on PC, but screenshot is not only limited to PC, mobile devices are now coming with the features. Latest versions of Android comes pre-loaded with screenshot i.e Android 4.0+, but older versions doesn't have this features.

1. How to screenshot on Android 4.0+ : Many would have been familiar with this but for those who are not, all you need to do is press the volume down and power button at the same time for 3 seconds. The screenshot image is saved to your phone gallery.

2. How to screenshot on old Android version: Some people believe phone running old Android version can't screenshot without root which is not true, it may be cunning but yes they can screenshot.

Here are two ways to screenshot without root on old Android versions.

  • Using No Root Screenshot It: No Root Screenshot it enables users to screenshot from their phone by installing it and its companion on their PC.

  • Using Android SDK: Screenshot can be taken from any Android phone using Google's Android SDK, full details on how to set it up can be read from here

If you are using phone running old Android version that is rooted, you need not to go through all the procedures listed above. There are many screenshot apps you can use but the simplest and easiest one we have known for a very long time is Easy Touch. Easy Touch is an assistive touch assistant but also has screenshot features and easy to use. Another screenshot app for rooted Android phones is aScreenshot.
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