How To Safely Remove Unlock Pattern Code On All Android Phones

Remove Android Pattern Lock Code

Setting a restriction or a barrier against unwanted people from accessing sensitive data and files is a common practice among phone users, but what happens if you forgot your password? That's where the problem lies, recovering a forgotten password is not as easy as activating it.

Today, we'll be sharing how Android users can easily unlock or bypass a forgotten pattern code on any Android phones. We will be providing two methods to unlock a forgotten pattern, analyzing them one by one.

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FIRST Method

1.) Using Google Account: Drawing the wrong unlock pattern five times (or ten times on some device) will permanently lock your Android phone, but an option will be provided at the bottom of the screen that stated "Next" or "Try again". Click the next button and you'll be given two options.

  • Answer your security question: Most people don't set a security question, if you are among them then proceed to option 2. But if you do, provide your security answer in the type box, you'll be ask to choose a new unlock pattern and your phone will be unlock.
  • Provide your Google Account: All Android users are required to login their Google Account when turning on their new Android phone for the first time, but their are some people who usually ignore this. If you are among them, proceed to Second Method. But if you are not, fill in your Google email address and password in the type box and click next, you'll be require to set a new pattern lock and your phone will be unlock after that.

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2.) Factory Reset: There is no way to access factory reset under phone settings without first providing your pattern lock. The first method is more preferable because you won't lose your files and data, but the second method which we are about to share will wipe away everything on your phone (excluding data on MicroSD card). This is a hard choice, but if you have problem providing your Google login details or answering your security question then you have no choice.

To factory reset your Android phone first turn it off and remove the battery, and then put it back. For some phones, pressing the "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously boot the phone into bootloader, while other phones requires the "volume up" and "power" buttons to be simultaneously pressed and hold for 10 seconds. When in bootloader menu, scroll using the volume up and down button, stop at factory reset, and use the power button to activate it. It'll ask for confirmation, use the volume button once again to highlight "yes" then select using "power" button. The process will start, after few minutes your phone will reboot and the pattern lock will be remove.

Pls Note: If your phone is Chinese-made (made in China), the bootloader menus are likely to be written in Chinese language. In this scenario, it will be difficult to know which of the options is "reset", just try them one by one.
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