How To Run Android Apps On PC

Android Apps on PC

Android laptops and PCs are now becoming one of the main focus in tech industry, with the introduction of the first Android laptop, the Archos Arcbook which was launch in May, followed by the HP Slatebook, both of which provide full access to Google Play store, people can't wait to get hold of running Android apps on their pc. Ofcourse you won't want to abandon your old PC to buy a new Android capable notebook, the good news is there are ways to run any Android apps on PC with no extra cost.

We'll be providing two ways in which you can install and run Android apps on your PC.

1. Bluestacks: It is one of the best way to run Android apps on PC with full access to over 750,000+ apps on Google Play store, it provide smooth installation and navigation. Bluestacks support Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 and Windows 10) and Mac OS and doesn't replace your entire Windows system, its extra smoothness when playing games without lagging and optimal performance when running apps makes it No 1 in the list. As there is always a competition, YouWave and Windroy also enable users to run Android apps on PC, but they don't provide good performance when compare with Bluestacks.

2. Android SDK: The primary purpose of Android SDK is for the developing and testing of apps by Android developers, but it can also be used to run Android app on PC. Android emulator is provide with the SDK which users can use to run any Android app on their PC. It is not as smooth as the first option provided, it's rather sluggish when running on low-specd PC may have difficulties in running apps on it at all. We don't recommend this for daily use. To run app using SDK, download the Android SDK to your PC, select Tools and click on Manage AVDs, click on New button and create a new AVD (Android Virtual Device) with your desire configuration. After creating, select it and click on Start button to run it.

Those are two ways we can provide. There are other ways but they are not as stable as the two method we mentioned above. For those that requested it, hope we help solve your questions. Enjoy.
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