Access All Your Apps And Connectivity In One Click With Easy Touch For Android

Easy Touch Android App

There are many launchers and widgets that promise quick access to user apps, but they are not as smart as we want. They look promising and got this whole lots of visual effects which sometimes even slow them down, but what about having a tiny floating icon on your Android screen that does what it says?

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Easy Touch has been around quite for sometime and it is one of those few Android apps that are effective in walking users around the phone in a single interface. With Easy Touch, you get quick access to all apps installed on your phone in one smooth motion without consuming RAM and draining your battery.

Easy Touch Interface-2

Easy Touch is not a widget, but an assistive touch assistant that provides quick navigation and smart tweaks accessibility. You can drag it anywhere on screen, and it stays on top of other apps. It comes with preconfigured tabs that gives users access to connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Network. You can turn them On/Off with a single click anywhere on your phone screen. Other features include Task Manager (Root), Time Display, Cache Cleaner, Lock Screen, App List e.t.c.

What we love most about this simple effective app is its smoothness while running. The icon can be resize to fit the homescreen, and clicking on the icon for 3 seconds push the icon to status bar, which is very useful playing games or watching a movie.

It comes in different style and themes, this can be change from the app main screen, the most popular being Android and iPhone style. The app is free and can be download from the link below.

Download Easy Touch

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