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Titan Launches 370-inch 4K Zeus TV Ahead Of FIFA World Cup

Titan Zeus TV

You are looking at the World largest TV. A company known as Titan has announced Zeus TV, the world's largest TV with worth of £1 million. It measures four times the size of the current biggest.

The Zeus TV is the size of a football goal, measuring 370-inches, which is the equivalent of 8 metres by 5 metres and it offers 65 million colours. As you would expect, the TV isn't light, hitting the scales at almost a tonne but it displays in full 4K quality, even though this would rely on upscaling for UK viewing of the World Cup.

The displays have been made for indoor use but they are said to be engineered for outdoor use too, even in bright sunlight and they will be released just before the World Cup. If you are a soccer fan with lots of gold to spend out in this upcoming FiFa World Cup, you can pre-order yours now.

The company has already pre-sold two of the £1 million screens, but if your budget can't stretch to that price tag Titan also offers 1000-inch "mid-range" screens for £150,000. On the plus side, the £1 million cost includes installation and delivery in a custom built Hummer so you won't have to worry about having a big enough car to fit it in.

Source: MSN Tech

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