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Sony NX Mini Compact Camera Review

Sony NX Mini Camera and Lens Sony NX Mini Front View
The compact system camera has been around long enough now that we're starting to see more and more from each manufacturer. At first they were seen as something to take on the mighty DSLR, and while that's still true, there's also a growing number of smaller compact system cameras which find their competition more readily within the compact arena.

One of the first manufacturers to launch a CSC, Samsung has a reasonable heritage in this market now. It doesn't seem to have found a huge number of fans within either the consumer base or critic base though, but it has been one of the most experimental brands out there. So it doesn't come as a huge surprise that the company has launched a second mount to add to its line-up, to create the ultra small Samsung NX Mini.

Unlike other Samsung compact system cameras, which use large APS-C sized sensors – the same size as found in most beginner and enthusiast level DSLRS – the NX Mini features a one-inch sensor, the same size as found in the Nikon 1 range of CSCs, and interestingly the same size as found in the Sony RX100 II – a compact camera with a fixed lens...continue reading from here

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