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Sony Alpha A6000 Camera Review

Sony Alpha A6000

The old NEX-6 marked a turning point for compact system cameras (CSCs). It was the first model that felt like it posed a major threat to SLRs. With the same size of sensor inside, it could match them for image quality, and its superb 2.4-million dot electronic viewfinder (EVF), elegant controls and dazzling turn of speed left nothing to be desired. All this in a camera that weighed 465g with its low-profile kit lens made us wonder whether SLRs' days might be numbered.

Since then we've seen the premium CSC market blossom with the arrival of the Panasonic GX7 and Fujifilm X-E2, along with some outstanding SLR-shaped models from Sony, Panasonic and Olympus. Most of these are considerably more expensive, though, so the NEX-6 has remained a strong contender throughout its 18-month life span. Sony has killed off the NEX brand, but the Sony Alpha A6000 is undoubtedly a direct successor to the NEX-6.

Externally very little has changed – the odd button and dial have migrated slightly, there's one additional customization button on the back and the textured magnesium alloy body has been ditched in favour of an aluminium shell. It still incorporates an EVF, hotshoe, pop-up flash, mode dial and command dial across the top plate – not bad for such a petite camera.
The handgrip is slightly bigger than before, and strikes an excellent balance of ergonomic comfort and compact full review from here

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