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Schenker XMG P504 Laptop Review - Gamers Dream

Schemker XMG P504

The Schenker XMG P504 is one of the most powerful laptop that looks promising for high-end gamers, it is powered by latest Nvidia's mobile graphics processor, the GeForce GTX 880M.

The Schenker XMG P504 is a 15.6-inch laptop, and its resolution can go has wide as 1,920x1,080 pixels, which is typical for a desktop replacement laptop, but its weight exceeds some of the heaviest 17-inch laptops. At 3.3kg, and 45mm thick, the P504 is not a device you’ll want to carry around frequently. In terms of design, the Clevo-built chassis itself is pretty plain, with the only flair being a customisable backlit keyboard. The keys are responsive and certainly suitable for gamers, but the chassis has sharp edges which can dig into your wrists if you don't keep them elevated while typing or gaming.

Many gamers will use a gaming mouse with the P504, which is a good move because the P504’s touchpad isn’t particularly good. It has separate mouse buttons, which is a good thing, but there’s little feedback from them. We’re not keen on the feel of the touchpad either, but it’s sufficient for general use. Sadly the touchpad sometimes interpreted two-fingered scrolling gestures as pinch-to-zoom commands, which meant you'll often found yourself zooming in and out of web pages when you intended to scroll. If you invest in an XMG P504, you should also invest in a good gaming mouse.

The XMG P504 has an impressive 8GB of dedicated memory, and 250GB EVO SSD storage, as well as 750GB mechanical disk. There're four USB ports in which three of it is USB 3.0 and one eSATA connector, there's also 3.5mm audio jack present and multiformat card reader.

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