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Dell S2240T Touchscreen Monitor Review

Dell S2240T Touchscreen Monitor

Dell s2240t back

The Dell S2240T is a 1,920x1,080-pixel touchscreen monitor, with a ten-point touch sensor and a sturdy metal frame. With a 21.5-inch screen, it's one of the smaller desktop touchscreen monitors available, but it's also one of the least expensive.

Out of the box, the S2240T's colour accuracy wasn't particularly impressive; we measured it as displaying 89.7 per cent of the sRGB colour gamut. However, after calibrating the monitor we were able to raise this accuracy slightly to 93.1 per cent. This is a decent enough score for a VA panel; generally this type of screen has higher contrast and black levels than a TN version, but at the expense of colour accuracy.

True to form, the S2240T did better in our contrast and black level tests, with an excellent contrast ratio of 3243:1 and very low 0.07cd/m2 black level. This led to plenty of discernable detail in the darker areas of our test images. Solid greens, reds and blues weren't quite as vibrant as on top-end screens, but they weren't far off - the monitor provides generally impressive image quality for the full review ExpertReviews

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