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Chillblast Helium i7 4500 Ultrabook Review

Chillblast Helium i7

High performance in light, thin Ultrabooks often comes at a price, with manufacturers choosing to use low-power processors in their Ultrabooks to minimise heat and improve the clock speeds of Intel’s CPUs. Chillblast's Helium i7 4500 14in Ultrabook is a response to this, as it provides a powerful processor, high performance storage and 16GB of memory for just under £900.

However, it's immediately clear that Chillblast has not chosen the most handsome off-the-shelf Clevo chassis for the Helium. It’s made entirely from grey, brushed plastic and has only a silver Chillblast label to spice things up. The chassis is thin and fairly light, though, being 22mm tall and weighing 2kg. The Helium i7-4500 14 is a little heavier than some of the lightest ultraportables currently available, but it's by no means too heavy to sling in a bag and use when travelling.

The left side of the chassis is mostly taken up by a large vent, with just a Kensington lock lug and two 3.5mm audio jacks providing connections. On the right-hand side are two USB3 ports, along with a full-size HDMI port, an SD card reader and an RJ-45 network adaptor....continue reading from here

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