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Apple Launches iOS 8 during WWDC

iOS 8 logo Apple has officially announced its next OS version, iOS 8 at WWDC event which takes place on Monday. This is a giant release for its next iPhone, iPod touch and iPad operating system.

The iOS 8 will feature many enhancements. Designwise, the next OS will have a similar aesthetic to iOS 7, but many of its existing features will sport changes and enhancements. The Notifications Centre will be improved, with widgets in the notifications line and gesture controls on how notifications can be dismissed or viewed.
Contacts will appear in the menu when you double tap, and the Mail application will have some more options to work on emails. Perhaps one of the major visible changes will be with a new Apple on screen keyboard.
The QuickType keyboard will learn your speech patterns as you type and fills in the blanks, making text messaging and writer a quicker process. In addition, third-party keyboards such as SwiftKey will be available to choose instead.

Other changes include video messaging in iMessage, family sharing so all members of a family can use the same iTunes account with different profiles, and the App Store will be improved to help users find apps more easily.

Apple's iOS 8 is available in beta form for developers now, but consumers will have to wait for a full release in the autumn.

Source: MSN Tech

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