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Nikon D7100 Camera Review

Nikon D7100-1 Nikon D7100 Rear

The Nikon D7100 is the company's latest digital SLR for enthusiasts and semi-professional photographers. It is an update to the Nikon D7000. Much of the D7000's success stems from its ergonomics and controls, so it's good to see that very little has changed here. The large optical viewfinder, substantial 950-shot battery life, passive LCD screen for displaying settings and dual command dials distinguish it from cheaper SLRs, such the Nikon D5200.

Meanwhile, the twin SDXC card slots and weather-sealed magnesium alloy body are unusual to find even at this price. We really like the control system, with dedicated buttons for a wide range of functions including ISO speed, white balance, metering, autofocus mode and bracketing. These are adjusted by holding down the button and turning the command dials. The dual dials are used to good effect, such as adjusting the ISO speed with the rear dial and toggling Auto ISO with the front dial.

Many of these buttons are accessed with the left hand, leaving the right hand in charge of the dials; it's this two-handed operation that we find extremely fast and intuitive...continue reading from here

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