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Lenovo Thinkpad 10 Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Review

Lenovo Thinkpad 10
Ever since Apple's slates, like the iPad Air, invaded the enterprise scene, Microsoft and Google alike have scrambled to gobble what chunks of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) pie they can. The latest foe for the mighty iPad looks to be the most worthy in a while: the Lenovo ThinkPad 10. This beefy, 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 tablet is essentially an all-grown-up version of the Lenovo ThinkPad 8.

During a preview event in New York, I was able to play around with the device – not to mention its myriad accessories – for a few minutes. While brief, it was enough time to get a feel for the aluminum and Gorilla Glass-clad pad and what it's all about. With a somewhat goofy, asymmetrical frame, the ThinkPad 10 is yet another laptop-tablet hybrid device, though this time with a tablet first design.

At least the goofy design ID has a purpose: that flat bottom has several docking accessories to match to enable several use cases. Lenovo wants the ThinkPad 10 to offer users as versatile a business tablet solution as possible, hence a whopping five accessories to accompany the device. While fully capable of 10 finger multi-point touch control, Lenovo offers the Digitizer Pen for stylus more

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