How To Install Old Apk Application File Over New One For All Android

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Today we will be sharing how you can install old apk file version over new one without first uninstalling the new one. There're so many ways to enhance Android but without rooting your Android smartphone you can't get more than you already have. Root is a key that unlock many doors to total perfection, we are thinking of creating a new thread that'll fully be base on "How To Root Your Phone" and we'll start it very soon.

We already shared How To Temporarily Remove Google Play Store On Android, today you'll be learning how to install old apk app file version over new one. First you need to have root before you can apply this process. It is impossible to install an old apk app version over new one due to signatures that comes with it, an old signature can't override a new one, and sometimes signatures differ in app versions. For example, it is impossible to install PowerAmp Version 2.0.7 over 2.0.9, some apps even deny installation of older version after uninstalling the newer version.

You may ask, why do we want to install an old version when we already have a new one? Well, there're many reasons but the most crucial reason we will point out is some old apk app versions are better than new ones. It is well known that newest version of MX Player doesn't have Dolby Digital codec file due to warning issue to them concerning patent of the file (don't know maybe they've added it back). The audio sound in movies becomes chunky and many are forced to look for older versions, thankfully old versions of MX Player works over new ones.

Here's the tool needed. We know many would have already be familiar with Lucky Patcher and what it does but you may not know the full extent of its power, Lucky Patcher is the app that will do the job. Download lucky patcher from here and install it on your device, open it and grant it superuser access, you'll see all the lists of app on your phone but we don't need that. At the bottom you'll see a menu, click on Toolbox and from the pop up menu click on "Patch to Android", wait for it to load and another menu will pop out, scroll down and check "Disable signature verification in the package manger" box, then click "Apply".

Your phone may be forced to reboot, that's it you've just done it.

To confirm if the patch has been apply, open lucky patcher, click on "toolbox" and click on "Patch to Android", scroll down and you'll see the Patch Applied under it. Some custom ROMs has this already disabled but not all of them, if you click Patch to Android and see the patch already applied then you don't need to do it.
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