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Fujifilm Finepix S9400W Camera

fujifilm finepix s9400w-front fujifilm finepix s9400w-back

The 16 megapixel, 50x optical zoom Fujifilm S9400W bridge camera - or 'super zoom' - was launched at the start of 2014 alongside two other very similarly designed and featured models in the flagship S1 and the lower-end Fujifilm S9200. Of the S9000 series models, the S9400 individualises itself via the "W" suffix, denoting that this is the Wi-Fi-enabled model.

The pricier Fujifilm S1, which also offers a rechargeable lithium ion battery rather than the alkaline AAs supplied with the S9400 and S9200, is similarly Wi-Fi enabled, but by contrast doesn't like to shout about it. It offers a creatively expansive focal range the equivalent of 24-1200mm in 35mm film camera terms. That's quite something allowing everything from group portraits to close ups to be achieved without the photographer moving an inch in either direction.

We found that the ability to toggle back and forth from a static position without getting in anyone's way was a boon. Lens aperture varies from a maximum f/2.9 for shallow depth of field type shots to an all-encompassing f/6.5; the smaller the f value the more light the lens lets in. Like the S1, Full HD video clips at 1920x1080 pixels and a frame rate of up to 60fps can be recorded at the press of a dedicated one-touch thumb-operated button on the more

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