Easiest Way to Freeze and Unfreeze any App on your Android Smartphone

App Quarantine

App Quarantine is one of the best tools for managing unnecessary apps on Android phones. Its interface easy to understand and it works on all rooted phones running Android 2.x+.

Simplicity is one of the major key point in this app and the least understandable person won't have difficulty in knowing how to handle it. As far as we know, App Quarantine is the only app available for Gingerbread root users to freeze unwanted apps. Greenify has been so popular, but it doesn't supports Android 2.x downward, it only support Android 4.0+ which is not good because it has so many features more than App Quarantine, but App quarantine is not bad either.

What App Quarantine does is to freeze and disable apps you don't need very often without affecting any process involved, you can assign both user apps as well as system apps. It is light and won't take much space on your phone, it doesn't drain battery and it works seamlessly on all Android device. You can even placed a widget on your homescreen to enable and disable any apps you wish to quarantine.

You need to have root access before you can use this app. Also, Android 2.x users need to enable USB debugging for it to work. You can download it from here.
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