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Canon PowerShot N100 Review

Canon PowerShot N100

The PowerShot N-series targets the fun-loving, creative, and connected crowd, to use Canon’s parlance. But if there’s one acronym we could use to describe the new PowerShot N100 ($350) it’d be, “WTF.” It’s not that it takes bad photos – for a point-and-shoot, it takes good-looking stills and videos – and it’s not as awkward to use as its predecessor, the PowerShot N.

The issue is that, with the N100, Canon continues to demonstrate some weird decision making. It’s bigger than necessary, making it seem like the beluga whale of compact cameras. And then there are the gimmicky features like a rear-facing camera and “storytelling” mode. Where the original N is more youth-oriented, the N100 targets an older buyer, or those with families. But with so many other great compacts out there (including some from Canon), is the N100 truly offering something unique, or is it bloated, both physically and metaphorically? It really depends if you think the extra features are that more on Digital Trend

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