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Canon G1X Mark II Camera Review

Canon G1X Mark II Front Canon G1X Mark II Back

The premium compact camera market used to be pretty much owned by Canon. The much lauded G series was the ultimate in functionality for those that wanted high image quality but didn't want to lug around a heavy DSLR. However, in recent times other manufacturers have overtaken Canon's once unquestionable dominance. The Sony RX100 II is currently the biggest seller in this area of the market, while products like the Fuji X100S offer something a little more unusual.

The original Canon G1X, when it was launched, was met with a fair amount of derision. Aside from its good image quality, there were a few problems with it, and it seemed like a niche product without a certain audience. Canon hasn't rushed to replace the camera, but now, after making a series of much needed improvements, the Mark II is here – and it looks exciting and something that could put Canon back at the top of the premium game.

The biggest selling point of the G1X was its large, 1.5 inch sensor. It's not too far off APS-C sized and over twice the size of the sensor found in the Sony RX100 II (and the Nikon 1 compact system camera range). It comes as no great surprise therefore that Canon has kept the best part of the camera, redesigning the rest of the package around more

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