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Apple's Macbook 2014 Review

Apple's Macbook 2014
Apple has quietly added some new additions to its Macbook Air range at the end of April, revealing that while these latest models have seen a boost in performance, it has also knocked £100 off the price of the cheapest model. This means that you can now get an 11-inch Macbook Air from £749, a model that comes with an upgraded dual-core Intel 1.4GHz Core i5 processor.

The 2014 Macbook Air design is identical to that of last year's model, but this is not a bad thing. Of course, the standout thing about the 11-inch Macbook Air's design is its size - likely the reason buyers would opt for the 11-inch model over the larger 13-inch Macbook Air's version - with the device weighing just 1.08kg. This means that the laptop is barely noticeable in a backpack or handbag, and makes it one of the most portable available.

While the design is nothing new, the latest Macbook Air still got heads turning, with friends commenting on the skinny design - with the laptop measuring just 3mm at its thinnest point - and the overall premium look and feel of the device. As noted in 2013 11-inch Apple's Macbook Air review, despite the small size of the laptop, the keyboard is one of the best more

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