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Add Real Time Effects When Recording Video on Android

Videocam Illusion

There are so many various camera apps for taking and editing pictures on Android but video recording and editing apps are so rare. Not all phones offer good video recording as well as customization and editing, we often wish we can apply effects in real time when recording video on our Android device but thankfully there is an app that offers the exact.

Videocam illusion Pro is capable of filling the gap, it offers all editing tools and customizations when recording video and you can add effects in real time. Videocam offers 17 real time effects such as blur, sharp, glow, thin, fat, short, light tunnel, wave, rough glass, horizontal/vertical mirror, pixelization, mosaic, pinch, twirl, tall and fish eye.

 Videocam Effects

It has 24 filters and 13 masks, one of our favorite mask is rain, which mask your recorded video with rain drops and makes your video looks like it was recorded in rain. You can play your recorded videos in the app without having to view it through external video player and you can also share your recorded videos to Gmail, Youtube and Dropbox,  but sharing to social sites like Facebook and Instagram are not yet supported.

We are really disappointed with the video format, it uses .mov which most video players didn't support, we would have prefer mp4 or 3gp atleast, besides that it's a great app that worth buying. Current version is 1.5.3 and it only cost $1.99. You can download the free version on Google Play.

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