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Toshiba Kira 101 Review

Toshiba Kira Toshiba Kira front The growth of the Ultrabook brand has seen Samsung and Sony gain prominence in a quest to beat the Apple MacBook Air at its own game, but Toshiba has been left behind in a quagmire of uninspiring mid-range laptops. That could be about to change with the Kira.

It’s the first of a new range designed to bring some sheen back to Toshiba, and its first impression – an all-metal construction, a 2,560 x 1,440 screen and a Core i7 processor – whets the appetite. There’s a downside to this, and that’s the price: at £1,299, the Kira is more expensive than every competitor.


The Kira is expensive but, at first glance, it looks the part. It’s made entirely from metal, with a brushed finish, and it’s magnesium alloy rather than aluminium – a material that Toshiba says is stronger, lighter and more resistant to scratches. Magnesium dominates the Kira, and it looks good when set against the black keys and the dark bezel. The lid looks classy, too, with the metal only disturbed by a shiny Toshiba logo.

Underneath, the Kira is built using a “honeycomb” structure designed to keep the system sturdy without adding weight. It works for the underside, which feels strong, but we got mixed results from the wrist-rest: there’s only a little depression from the metal, but the right-hand side clicked awkwardly when we pushed. The screen is the Kira’s weak point, with a flexible rear that caused significant screen distortion when pressed (most laptops do this but here more so than others) more

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