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Samsung HU8500 Curved Ultra HD TV Launched In UK


Samsung HU8500 Curved Ultra HD TV
Samsung HU8500-side
The TV's was First unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, the HU8500 range will be launch in the UK starting from today as 55inch and 65inch models. Both have a curved display which Samsung says creates a wider field of view than a traditional flat TV by shortening the distance between the viewer, which create more natural viewing angles.

According to Samsung, the sense of immersion is further increased by the TV's Auto Depth Enhancer Technology. By analyzing sections of the display and applying individual contrast enhancements, the image is tweaked to provide a greater sense of depth.

Samsung commissioned this video of the event including John Mathieson (cinematographer of Gladiator and X-Men and the upcoming Guy Ritchie film The Man From U.N.C.L.E) As well as its curved format, the HU8500 series includes a 4K Ultra HD resolution panel with four times the number of pixels of Full HD 1080p displays, along with smart TV functionality and an upgraded processor.

The Smart Hub smart TV system includes Netflix, which is already streaming 4K video in the UK with the latest season of House of Cards. The TVs also include Samsung's PureColour system, which apparently reproduces more natural colours.

The one piece of information that wasn't mentioned in Samsung's press release was pricing, with Samsung only saying it is allowing individual retailers to set their own prices. However, a company representative said that the 65in version would retail for £3999 and the 55in version would cost £2,699. Both will be on sale from starting from today.

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