How To Boost Your Android Battery Life: Rooted And Non Rooted Android Smartphone

How To Boost Your Android Battery

One of the ugly things that android users usually face is limited battery life, unless your Android smartphone comes with a sufficient mAh of battery there's no way you can avoid it. What is the essence of having a high-end or mid-end Android smartphone that its battery can't last for 6hrs? We'll be showing you how you can maximize your battery life for both rooted and non rooted Android device.

Rooted Android Device:

If your Android smartphone is rooted, you can maximize your battery life by applying one of these procedures

1. Changing your phone kernel: It can really help sometime in the sense that it give you access to regulate the voltage and the CPU speed of your device (This can cause adverse effect on your phone if you don't know what you are doing). There are several CPU governors you can choose from to regulate how your CPU process and handle data in and out. Stock kernels can't be fully twist like custom kernel. Custom kernels developer sometimes already undervolt there kernels which can really help in maximizing your phone battery. To underclock or overclock your phone CPU you can use SetCPU. To know more about SetCPU and how to use it click HERE.

2. Firewall: Using Firewall to block some certain apps and denying them the permission from automatically connecting to the internet can also help boost your battery life, because excess internet connectivity can drain your battery faster than you think. Though there are some firewall apps that can work on non rooted android phones, but they're not as fully effective as those that are meant for rooted ones. If you are looking for a firewall app for your rooted phone we recommend you use DroidWall, Download DroidWall.

Non Rooted Device: 

If you haven't root your phone or gain superuser, these are ways you can enhance your battery life.

1. Brightness: Default screen brightness option in all Android phone is Auto Brightness, but sometime you get more than you need. Un-selecting this option and lowering your phone screen brightness to the minimum can save your battery.

2. Task Manager: There are many app process that runs in your phone background and not all of them are needed to keep your phone in good state. There're some that consumes your phone RAM memory and uses your CPU without doing any specific thing, they can even slow your phone down and consume your battery with you not knowing. Using task manager are the best way to detect and stop them, task manager is a must for every android phone. There are several task managing apps on Android market, we have ES File Explorer, Android Task Manager and many more, you can download any.

3. Firewall: There're also No Root firewall apps that works fairly on non rooted Android phones, they simply deny app from auto connecting to the internet. There is currently one that seems to work effectively for non rooted phone though it doesn't work on LTE, it is called NoRoot Firewall. You can download it from here.


There're still many ways you can save your battery, disabling some sensors like Auto Rotate and turning off unused connectivity like Bluetooth, GPS and Wifi can also help.
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