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Cpu-Z For Android: Know Your Phone Specifications

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Cpu-Z is an app developed by CPUID that shows mobile phones inner specification as well as hardware details. It shows the full description of the hardware the phone is using and the SoC platform the processor is based on. There are four main tabs, the first shows the details of the processor the smartphone is using as well as GPU details such as CPU Architecture, CPU process, clock speed, GPU Vendor, GPU renderer, Revision, Core, CPU load and scaling governor. This application is very useful especially if you are unaware of the platform your phone CPU is based on and the scaling governor your phone CPU is using, ofcourse, there are many scaling governors but the default in most Android smartphones is deadline.

The CPU scaling governor determines how the phone CPU communicates and respond to some certain processes, if the device has root privilege and superuser installed, you can unlock other scaling governors by simply installing a custom kernel to your phone. Most of these custom kernels let you have access to other CPU scaling governors such as vr, cfq, bfq, sio and noop. Vr is the best in the list. The next tab shows the system information, such as phone manufacturer, board, kernel version, screen resolution, Android version, kernel architecture and many more.

Battery details such as health, power source, temperature, voltage, level and status are display in the third tab. The last tab shows details of sensors equipped with the phone. Almost all Android smartphones comes with accelerometer and proximity sensor, but some comes additionally with compass, gravity sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, barometer and humidity sensor. Cpu-Z Sensor tab shows all the sensors that the phone has and their readings which is very useful. It would have been good if this app has widget that shows all the readings on the homescreen, but besides this, it still remains one of the best tool every Android phone users must have.

Download CPU-Z from Google Play.

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