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Canon EOS 1200D SLR Camera Review

Canon EOS 1200D SLR Camera Review
In relation to its predecessor, the Canon 1100D, the 1200D’s specification is all over the place, with some features undergoing huge improvements and others none at all. One of the main talking points of the camera is its 18MP sensor, offering a significant resolution jump from the 12.2MP of the 1100D.

Despite this higher resolution, the 1200D’s new sensor only represents a very small increase in dimensions from that of its predecessor, allowing Canon to keep the size of the camera to a minimum (it weighs in at a pokey 480g with battery and card included). Video is also a major plus for the 1200D. It’s capable of shooting 30, 25 or 24fps footage at 1080p resolution and can produce video snapshots. Although the 1200D has no built-in Wi-fi, it’s fully compatible with Eye-fi memory cards, which allows it to wirelessly transfer files to mobile devices with ease. Click here to read more

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