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Nokia Lumia 610 Review

Nokia Lumia 610

After the mid-range Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 , closely followed by the big-screen Lumia 900 , we finally have Nokia's budget Windows Phone 7 handset; the cheap-as-chips Lumia 610. This is just £180 SIM-free or free on a £13.50-per-month contract, which makes it around £40 cheaper SIM-free than the next phone up in the range, Nokia's Lumia710, and about £7 cheaper per month with a contract.

The Lumia 610 is still a Nokia,though, which means its build quality is anything but budget.The phone feels beautifully made, with no flex in the body and a textured rubber back which makes it a delight to hold. It's definitely got the edge in looks over the Lumia 710, and is on the verge of being the best-looking Lumia in the entire range.

The Lumia 610's back, home and search buttons are touch-sensitive, which we preferred to the Lumia 710's physical buttons. The handset's camera is the same five-megapixel model as on the Lumia 710, and takes fairly average photos; there'snot a great deal of detail, and noise speckles are present even in bright daylight shots.

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