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Samsung LCD UE46ES7000 review

Samsung LCD UE46ES7000

With its thin bezel, stylish chrome stand and amazingly thin case, the Samsung UE46ES7000U is an impressive TV. In addition to analogue, Freeview and Free sat TV tuners, it has a wide variety of internet services, it supports 3D content, and it even has a built-in webcam that lets you control the TV with gestures and voice commands.

Its image quality is fantastic, with vibrant colours and good contrast. HD content is sharp, but its digital noise reduction can make SD content look smudged. By default, the Standard picture mode includes Dynamic Contrast and Motion Plus, which is Samsung’s motion-smoothing technology. While Motion Plus is a matter of taste, the dynamic contrast is actually quite good and improves contrast without causing distracting changes in luminosity.

Pressing the large Smart Hub button on the remote takes you to a screen that looks like a smartphone home screen. It’s filled with apps and widgets. These include YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Facebook and Skype. It also has a built-in media player that can read files from a USB thumb drive or over the network using DLNA. As for its apps, Samsung’s Family Story app is a social network and its Fitness app uses the webcam as a virtual mirror. The Kids app lets parents control what their children watch on TV.

Speaking of the remote, you actually get two of them. One is a standard TV remote with tons of buttons arranged in a reasonably logical manner, while the other has far fewer buttons. Instead, it has a touch-sensitive area that can be used to control various functions. It also has a microphone built into the top that you can use to control the TV. Voice and gesture control might seem like gimmicks, but they’re quite easy to use and are especially useful for triggering commands that would otherwise be buried five levels down in a menu.

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